Mo Hoffmeyer

Its hard to be bigger than ANYTHING when you stand Five Foot - Two. But if you have ever seen Mo Hoffmeyer Tootsie's or Honky Tonk Central in Nashville or on the road singing for the Savannah Rose Band, you will most like agree that she is bigger than life itself.

“Five foot two in her stocking feet, ten foot tall with her mouth open.” That is a phrase that best describes 22 year old Mo Hoffmeyer and her powerful voice. As a young country singer, she is charming and beautiful, but her small package does not tell the story of this powerful and talented vocalist.

Growing up on a small farm just outside of Lansing, MI, before moving to Tennessee in middle school, Mo is a perfect mix of Suburban Cowgirl. After years of singing to her horse and her 4-H pigs and sheep, Mo began her music tutelage under Grammy winning Children's Choir Director Mary Alice Stollak at the Michigan State University Community Music School. After moving to Tennessee, Mo began working with Jessica Ford at the Singing Studio in Nashville, and Jonell Polansky at DaCapo Music, also in Nashville. She has also worked with Judy Rodman and Angela Hurt.

With musical influences such as Carrie Underwood, Big & Rich, Christina Aguilera and Kristin Chenowith, Mo has crafted a unique voice to match her unique personality.

The charm, the wit, the nitwit, with the incredible voice, Mo spent a little over two years singing at Tootsie's, Honky Tonk Central and Rippy's on Broadway in Nashville. She is currently working on her first EP, with five songs that are sure to be amazing.  In the past she has performed at Benchmark on 2nd Ave in Nashville, TN, Silver Dollar Saloon in Nashville, TN, BB Kings-Nashville, at Opry Mills Mall with Tunes for Tots, on the monthly Nashville Spotlight Live shows at the Nashville Palace, and at several locations in her family's hometown of Lansing, MI.

Latest News


You see that microphone?  That is THE microphone that Taylor Swift sang into when she recorded "Back to December"  Thats pretty cool.

Background vocals are DONE.  We are just going to go through the EP with a fine tooth comb, and make sure that it is perfect.  Then we will be getting it out to you!!  Im very excited. We are working now on getting physical copies, getting artwork finished off.  It's very exciting!

If you would like to donate to the effort, there is a gofundme account set up to help with that.  We will be recording in the next few weeks and if you click on the button, you will be taken to the gofundmo page.  

We look forward to getting new music out to you soon!!

OLDER NEWS - aka News We Can't Quit

On The Road - ALMOST!!

  This was the beginning of a really bad stretch for Mo.  The broken heel took her off the road, away from doing what the loved.  The honky tonk gigs were gone, because you cant honky tonk on a scooter.  And the pain was immense.  For many months, just moving around was unbearable.  Now Mo is back on her feet, mostly just one foot, and out singing and kicking some butts.  Look for her coming to your town soon!

Feel free to keep up with Mo on her social media


June 5 2018 (We still miss you Tyler)


The GoMoMusic family lost a great friend this week.  Tyler Earley left this world far too soon.  He will be missed by all of us.  His little daughter Isabelle was the light of his life and he was the light of hers as well.  Tyler's parents went to school with Mo's dad.  Mo's dad Bill, and Tyler's dad Darryl have known each other since kindergarten. 

Tyler played bass for Mo at the Relay for Life gig in Michigan last year.  He was a brilliant musician, and a great guy.  This is a huge loss for the Earley family and the GoMoMusic family sends its most sincere and heartfelt wishes out to all of them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.   RIP Tyler. 

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